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altermedium.02 Festival
Well Tempered Noise


15 May, 8:00 pm
Jon APPLETON (USA) - - Sheremetievo Airport Rock
Dmitry SUBOCHEV (Theremin Center) - - Mind Feedbacks 2.0
Olesia Rostovskaya - theremin, Jana Aksenova - guitar, Lana Aksenova - voice, Dmitry Subochev - computer, programming, sound objects
Dave PHILLIPS (Switzerland) - - OHNE
Dave Phillips - voice, electronics; Tom Smith - voice, electronics; Daniel Lowenbruck - voice, electronics; Reto Mader - mixing-desk, electronics
Reto MAEDER - laptop
(Switzerland) - - rm 74
Daniel LOEWENBRUECK - playback devices (Switzerland) - - Tochnit Aleph Empire

16 May, 8:00 pm
(Theremin Center) - - b-i-r-d-r-e-a-m for Kyma system and theremin
Sepo GRUENDLER, Elisabeth SCHIMANA (Austria) - - die grosse partitur
graphic design - Elisabeth KOPF (Austria)
alien productions (Austria)- Martin BREINDL, Norbert MATH, Andrea SODOMKA (Austria) - - ALIEN CITY, performance-installation

17 May, 8:00 pm
(Theremin Center) - - Soma
(Theremin Center)- - Correlations 1.0 for two performers, theremin sensors and MAX/MSP based interactive system
STEIM, Amsterdam presents:
Daniel SCHORNO - live electronics (Netherlands) - - Solo Performance -
Daniel SCHORNO, Netochka NEZVANOVA - live electronics (New Zealand) - - Performance.
Netochka NEZVANOVA - live electronics / Ayelet HARPAZ - voice (Israel) - - Spring: Still Unfurled -
Hans Christian GILJES (Norway) - interactive video design

15-17 May, DOM - 2-nd floor
Rob MULLENDER & Mathew CHADWICK (Great Britain) -
- Laser to Sound Sculpture
Theremin Center: retrospective of video works by:
Sergei Kossenko, ZORCH Group, Olga Teksheva, Jana Aksenova, Natasha Borisova, FUGK Group, Olga Kumeger, Yuka Lukicheva

14 May, 8:00 pm - Round Table and discussion at the Theremin Center

15 May, 4:00 pm - Lidia KAVINA - Classical Theremin Workshop at the Theremin Center

The Altermedium International Festival takes place in Moscow since May 2001. It is a development of the electroacoustic music programs, produced by the Theremin Center since 1994 in the frame of the Alternativa New Music Festival, Moscow.
The subject of the Festival is the Art of Sound.
The Festival is focussed on the electroacoustic music having the particular interest in the live interactive forms of computer music and multimedia - crosspoint of the sound, image and dance.
The subject of Altermedium.02 - "Well Tempered Noise". It is a continuation of the tradition, having roots in the ideas and works by Russian and Italian Futurists of the beginning of the XX-th century (Free Music, Art of Noise), developed further in the early works by the artists of the Abstract Cinema (Walter Rittmann, The Cinema for Ears), musique concrete by Pierre Schaeffer, tape electroacoustic music of the XX-th century and, finaly, in the live interactive music of the beginning of the new millenium.
This Festival also dedicated to the 10 years anniversary of the Theremin Center, founded in May 1992.

Director of the Festival - Andrei Smirnov
Coordination - Elisabeth Schimana (Austria / Moscow), Netochka Nezvanova (New Zealand, STEIM, Amsterdam), Denis Danchenko (Russia)

The Festival is supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum, STEIM (Amsterdam), pro Helvetia,
migros kulturprozent (Switzerland), Salon Elise (Moscow)

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