Yuri Spitsin
Programmer, Composer

Biographical Information

Yuri Spitsin was born in Moscow, Russia in 1961 and was educated at Moscow Institute for Managing in 1977-1982. In 1985-1994 he was working at several institutes and companies as a researcher and programmer, creating software for education, automatic control, information, computer graphics, medical tasks, music. In 1976 he finished Dunaevsky Musical College (piano). Since his childhood he play guitar. In 1974-1992 he was playing in several rock groups, making tours in Russia. Since his study at high school he was writing songs (a kind of Russian Urban Folk). He won prizes for music and performance at different competitions of Urban Folk songs in different cities (Moscow, Kazan, Alma-Ata, Zaporozhie etc.). In 1985-1989 he was working at the theatre studio 'Song Theatre' directed by V.Luferov. He learned there different forms of Russian Theatrical Urban Folklore, and wrote music for theatre performance by Daniel Charms. In 1986-1993 he learned Russian Folklore with E.Kustovsky. In 1992-1993 he performed Russian Folklore with Folk Ensemble 'Perekriostok'. In 1990-1994 he wrote music and songs for different performances for children in the Children Theatre at 'Troitse-Likovo' College. Together with his wife he made education courses for children, teaching music, folk and arts in context of theatre performances. Since 1992 he is the member of the Studio Board of the Theremin Center. He is working there as a programmer and composer.

Main interests:
-interactive music
-musical languages
-new forms of musical education
-multimedia, virtual reality

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